Arizona With the Royer’s!

On the 27th of December, Sebastian, my sister Rachael, my Dad, Kira, and I all packed our things in the van and began our 30+ hour car ride to Sedona, Arizona. Half the fun of a family vacation is the drive, right? The rest of our crew didn’t think so, they opted to fly instead. … [Read more…]

We love beer, especially free beer!

As many of you know, we are craft beer lovers. We try to get brewery tours every chance we get, not only because they are interesting but because they are often accompanied by some free beer samples, score! We recently traveled to a few breweries in Vermont and Maine and they certainly did not disappoint! … [Read more…]

Things never go as planned

Maybe that’s because we don’t do a whole lot of planning, maybe because the universe always seems to have a plan of its own. We have found that if we remain flexible things will usually work out pretty great, and more often than not, even better than expected. For example, we are currently in Ellsworth, Maine … [Read more…]

Pemetic Mountain Hike

We were super disappointed to discover that many things on Desert Island were closed for the season but after this beautiful hike all of the driving felt worth it! The rocks along this hike were incredible! There was so much variety and color.        

Made it to the Coast!

A week and 1,200 miles later we made it to the coast! The water was a bit chilly (57°F) 😆 but we needed a bath. Kira was absolutely terrified of the water, maybe she knows something we don’t or maybe she’s just a weenie.