Sedona Part Two

We have fallen for Sedona. It takes a few days for the immense beauty of this place to really sink in, but when it does you can’t imagine being anywhere else. Our last few days here have been filled with sunrises and sets, lots of new friends, and some of the most incredible sights our … [Read more…]

Sedona Thus Far

We arrived in Sedona, AZ on February 2nd and have been getting our butts kicked ever since! The biking is technical and the climbing approaches are excruciating but the beer is fantastic and the people are even better. We plan on hanging around for a few more days before continuing our journey southeast.   Climbing … [Read more…]

Red Rocks(ish)

We’ve had so much fun the last few days! Mountain biking, climbing, hiking to hot springs, and making delicious meals. It doesn’t get much better than this:] Climbing in Red Rocks Hiking Around Town

Southern California

We ended up in California after spending some time in Arizona with family. One thing that became apparent to us nearly immediately was the sheer number of warm and charming people that we have met.  Another is that we arrived at a pretty bad time. We are happy that Californians finally got some good rain … [Read more…]