Lost Creek Wilderness Loop

We finally made it out west and are stoked to be in the mountains of Colorado! We decided that there is no better way to adjust to the altitude than some backpacking.

The Lost Creek Wilderness loop is a 27.6 mile hike with plenty of elevation change to give us a welcoming kick in the ass. We began at 8,200 ft and topped out around 11,600 ft. Don’t let that scare you because this well designed trail was gradual enough that you could forget you had been hiking uphill for 10 miles. We got to see a little of everything during our 3 days on the trail including aspen forests, granite vistas, and river crossings.

We were also humbled a little after being trapped in sleeping bags for 12 hours trying to stay warm. Cowboy camping seemed like such a good idea starting out (to Sebastian) haha. As the sun set, the temperature dropped and kept dropping until it was in the high 20’s at night. We went to bed cold  and woke up cold but couldn’t help but laugh about our self inflicted pain. Bedtime stories eased the pain temporarily until realizing we still had 8 hours of darkness to go. Even through the pain, good spirits weren’t hard to come by surrounded by such fun, positive people. All in all, even with the cold, the trip was totally worth it!!!!

Check out some photos from the hike: