Wear a Helmet!

Public service announcement to all my friends and family that bike and/or drive a vehicle: Bikers, do not ever get on your bike without a helmet. There is no excuse. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be on the sidewalk most of the ride, or it’s only a couple minutes away, or you don’t want to … [Read more…]

Moab and Indian Creek (Part 1)

How absolutely wonderful it is to be back in this magical place. Moab holds a special place in both of our hearts. It is where I went on my first big adventure that changed my entire perspective on the outdoors and has affected my life since. Sebastian spent a month out here a few years … [Read more…]

Howdy from Texas!

Sometimes you just need a week surrounded by loved ones, home cooked meals, and a whole lot of nothing to do. We were fortunate enough to spend time with Sebastian’s family in San Antonio, Texas this past week. His sister, Olivia, and her husband, Victor, are newlyweds currently working their butts off to complete their … [Read more…]

Here Comes the Sun! :D

We have finally been blessed with sunshine and warm temperatures, hooray!! This means that as soon as the snow melts here in Red Rocks we will be able to start climbing. In the mean time we’ve been keeping ourselves busy with some mountain biking and exploring! There are tons of old mining areas filled with … [Read more…]

Lost Creek Wilderness Loop

We finally made it out west and are stoked to be in the mountains of Colorado! We decided that there is no better way to adjust to the altitude than some backpacking. The Lost Creek Wilderness loop is a 27.6 mile hike with plenty of elevation change to¬†give us a welcoming kick in the ass. … [Read more…]