Pemetic Mountain Hike

We were super disappointed to discover that many things on Desert Island were closed for the season but after this beautiful hike all of the driving felt worth it! The rocks along this hike were incredible! There was so much variety and color.        

Made it to the Coast!

A week and 1,200 miles later we made it to the coast! The water was a bit chilly (57°F) 😆 but we needed a bath. Kira was absolutely terrified of the water, maybe she knows something we don’t or maybe she’s just a weenie.  

180° Northeast

Last Wednesday we had planned to head to the New River Gorge, WV for the always epic Bridge Day. We had a couple of weeks planned to climb, hike, and visit some friends around West Virginia, Virginia, and Kentucky. After a quick breakfast discussion we made a split second decision to head to Maine instead (just a slight detour … [Read more…]