Here Comes the Sun! :D

We have finally been blessed with sunshine and warm temperatures, hooray!! This means that as soon as the snow melts here in Red Rocks we will be able to start climbing. In the mean time we’ve been keeping ourselves busy with some mountain biking and exploring! There are tons of old mining areas filled with … [Read more…]

Southern California

We ended up in California after spending some time in Arizona with family. One thing that became apparent to us nearly immediately was the sheer number of warm and charming people that we have met.  Another is that we arrived at a pretty bad time. We are happy that Californians finally got some good rain … [Read more…]

Arizona With the Royer’s!

On the 27th of December, Sebastian, my sister Rachael, my Dad, Kira, and I all packed our things in the van and began our 30+ hour car ride to Sedona, Arizona. Half the fun of a family vacation is the drive, right? The rest of our crew didn’t think so, they opted to fly instead. … [Read more…]

We love beer, especially free beer!

As many of you know, we are craft beer lovers. We try to get brewery tours every chance we get, not only because they are interesting but because they are often accompanied by some free beer samples, score! We recently traveled to a few breweries in Vermont and Maine and they certainly did not disappoint! … [Read more…]