Howdy from Texas!

Sometimes you just need a week surrounded by loved ones, home cooked meals, and a whole lot of nothing to do. We were fortunate enough to spend time with Sebastian’s family in San Antonio, Texas this past week. His sister, Olivia, and her husband, Victor, are newlyweds currently working their butts off to complete their residencies at nearby hospitals. Sebastian’s parents flew down from Ohio to visit with them and go on a cruise. We were all able to spend several days together exploring the town and overindulging in food and beer.

We would be lying if we said it doesn’t get lonely at times when we’re on the road. We miss our families and friends quite often. Being able to spend some time with family rejuvenated us and left us feeling grateful for such an exceptional support system.

In addition to the great company and cuisine, we were able to get some climbing in at Reimer’s Ranch right outside of Austin. This style of climbing was overhung, making it really tiring and giving us a little motivation to start climbing more. We got a little taste of Texas but there is so much we didn’t have the time to see. Until next time TX!


Visiting the Alamo museum opened our eyes to a lot of history that has shaped the Texas we know today

Olivia and Victor were such generous hosts. We were able to cook and bake, shower, do laundry for the first time in a long time (clean underwear!!), and feel right at home in their beautiful house.

After a day of climbing we grabbed some local food with some climbers we met at Reimer’s. Then we went to ABGB to drink some delectable beer and dance to a terrific Austin band, Warren Hood.

Sebastian and I are ecstatic to announce that we have welcomed a new member into our family! We found this dutchie at a flea market in San Antonio. She was in pretty bad shape but with some water and a good scrub she was ready to be seasoned. Now we will be able to expand our campfire cooking repertoire and hopefully be eating a lot more fresh made bread;]

Reimer’s Ranch

The Pedernales River offered us reprieve from the 90 degree heat

Kira the crag dog

When you’re too cheap to buy a chalk bag

Lots of pocketed limestone sport routes

A majestic beast enjoys shade from the searing sun behind a boulder

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks,” -John Muir