Sedona Thus Far

We arrived in Sedona, AZ on February 2nd and have been getting our butts kicked ever since! The biking is technical and the climbing approaches are excruciating but the beer is fantastic and the people are even better. We plan on hanging around for a few more days before continuing our journey southeast.

The road less traveled


Climbing and approaches

At the base of Mars Attacks

Cryptobiotic soil ­čśÇ It’s alive!!!

View from the top of a route after the approach took us about 1.5 hours

Suns out guns out

A view we earned


We were missing our family and friends so we decided to spend a whole day making ourselves feel at home. We gathered enough firewood to cook for hours and Sebastian constructed a fire pit and bread oven. We even capped off the night with dessert. It may not be Ohio, but it helped ease our longing.

Sebastian’s bread oven!

Homemade black bean burgers on freshly made bread

Our campsite turned home