180° Northeast

Last Wednesday we had planned to head to the New River Gorge, WV for the always epic Bridge Day. We had a couple of weeks planned to climb, hike, and visit some friends around West Virginia, Virginia, and Kentucky. After a quick breakfast discussion we made a split second decision to head to Maine instead (just a slight detour :D).  The weather wasn’t looking too cooperative in WV and it seemed like the perfect time to see the fall colors in the East.

With very little planning we hopped in the car and headed east on 90 from Cleveland.  There is no doubt that there have been moments along the way that we wish we had planned a little more, buuuutttt we’ve discovered some incredible places and every day has been a new adventure. Check out the route since our last minute decision! More pictures to come.


Baxter Mountain Summit a gorgeous, ass kicking 5 mile hike.


We were told we were a week late but we couldn’t tell.


Giant Mountain, 3 miles and 3,000 ft of elevation led straight into the clouds.

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