Wear a Helmet!

Public service announcement to all my friends and family that bike and/or drive a vehicle: Bikers, do not ever get on your bike without a helmet. There is no excuse. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be on the sidewalk most of the ride, or it’s only a couple minutes away, or you don’t want to … [Read more…]

Creek Pasture Butt-ress

  One thing that we immediately noticed as we began this journey back in September, was the lack of community in our lives while living in the van. We craved a sense of belonging, to a place, to friends and family, to something. We have certainly been welcomed with open arms into other’s communities; whether … [Read more…]

Farewell MoabĀ 

After 5 weeks in the desert, our time has come to move along. We are on our way to Denver for the weekend and then heading to the Red River Gorge for a few days. We plan on being back in Cleveland for Easter weekend and will most likely be there for a couple months … [Read more…]

Moab and Indian Creek (Part 1)

How absolutely wonderful it is to be back in this magical place. Moab holds a special place in both of our hearts. It is where I went on my first big adventure that changed my entire perspective on the outdoors and has affected my life since. Sebastian spent a month out here a few years … [Read more…]